Community Involvement

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

Jim is a board member for the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation where he advocates the importance of early disease prevention and hopes of encouraging a proactive approach to our medical system instead of a reactive one. Jim is actively involved in many fundraising events and works tirelessly to rally likeminded individuals in support of the Foundation.

Jim was a major supporter of the Future of Surgery Campaign, an ambitious project which saw a new state of the art operating room at VGH open in 2016, allowing the hospital to focus efforts in complex surgeries. Jim helped the program fundraise behind the scenes by bringing awareness to the program and advocating the importance of investing in our medical system – not just for ourselves, but for everyone in our community.


UBC Cardiology

As one of the major initiatives within the VGH & UBC Foundation, Jim worked with Cardiologist, Dr. Saul Isserow to raise funds to build the new Sports Cardiology Centre at UBC Hospital which opened in 2016. The research aims to study the effects of heart damage in young and old athletes alike, in hopes of finding early detection indicators to prevent cardiovascular disease in the future. Since this campaign started in 2016, he has already raised over $1 million in funds, and every penny goes into this non-profit medical centre. Through Jim’s advocacy efforts and tireless counsel, 4 people have averted a major heart attack, because of early detection in the past 12 months alone, encouraging Jim to work even harder to promote this cause.


Cycling BC

As a keen cyclist, Jim supports the Cycling BC organization and mentors youth and kids in the iRide program, which encourages health and sportsmanship. In addition, Jim spearheads a petition effort to the City to increase funding for the program. It is his goal to expand this program with a bigger headquarter, more equipment, and farther outreach, so that more people will be able to enjoy the joy of cycling and the great outdoors.

Tony is also a regular supporter of Cycling BC. Influenced by his business partner, Jim’s passion for the program, Tony donates regularly to support the program and participates in Jim’s fundraising campaigns.

Risk Management Association

Tony attends the RMA annually to present the Greater Metro Vancouver market overview to the financial industry.

Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

Tony is a committee member on the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation. The Foundation benefits the local community of Chinatown and Downtown Eastside, which houses most of the city’s low income or social welfare dependent individuals. The primary aim of the Foundation is to create a strong and inclusive community, promote the safety and wellbeing of those in need, as well as to preserve the cultural heritage and historic significance of the surrounding area. Some recent initiatives of the Foundation include the preservation and restoration of the Mei Wah Hotel, which provides affordable housing for low income seniors and families who live below the poverty line; Construction and operation oversight of a 10-storey building of affordable residential units with health clinic, medical facilities, and counseling or support services. Tony actively promotes the city’s need for affordable housing and social support for those who are less fortunate. He is a firm advocate of revitalizing Vancouver’s Chinatown so that we may all benefit from an inclusive and holistic community.

Hockey Helps The Homeless

Every year, Tony plays alongside Olympians and NHL Alumni at the Hockey Helps the Homeless Tournament to raise funds and bring to light the issue of Homelessness in Vancouver and across Canada. All proceeds of this program go directly to local charities such as Mom2Mom, Covenant House and Salvation Army. While he knows homelessness is a lengthy battle, he firmly believes that with everyone giving a little, be it monetary support or a glimpse of compassion, we will be able to win the fight. His enthusiasm for the cause has rallied the entire NIT team as well as his friends and family in support of the program. He has been consistently the top three fund raiser of the Vancouver area and he continues to achieve new goals every year.


Tony often gives his time and efforts by acting as a speaker or panelist at various NAIOP Events, bringing his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of real estate professional. It is his hope that by engaging in these events, he can promote a culture of collaboration and community in the industry.

Queen’s University Real Estate Discussions

Tony donates his time to speak at the Queen’s University Commercial Real Estate Seminar, as a moderator. He hopes to inspire young minds and mentor those who are new to the industry.

In addition to the above, the NIT team supports the following charities in various ways

Give Well
The Church in Vancouver
Food for the Hungry Canada
Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Lookout Society
The Blanket BC Society
Prostate Cancer Canada
Richmond Family Place
Whole Way House
Salvation Army
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
Prison Fellowship Canada
Make A Wish Foundation
Whistler Blackcomb Foundation