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1212 West Broadway | Q1 2018 Commercial Real Estate Transaction

March 12, 2018 / by Min Kang / Blog / 0 Comments

Our Project in the Spotlight: 1212 West Broadway | Q1 2018 Commercial Real Estate Transaction


Property Overview

1212 West Broadway is a prime 18,719 sq. ft. corner property strategically located on Vancouver’s coveted Broadway Corridor with future development potential. The Property is currently improved with a 48,024 sq.ft. multi-tenant office and retail building, fully leased to health care and non-profit organizations including the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health and Greater Vancouver Community Services. The Property boasts an enviable corner location along the Broadway Corridor, a major Metro Vancouver thoroughfare and BC’s largest medical and healthcare hub – an area positioned for significant growth with the planned Millennium Line rapid transit extension.


Project Overview

CBRE National Investment Team (NIT) Vancouver, in collaboration with Geoff Donnelly (CBRE’s leading office leasing agent), was engaged by the Heart and Stroke Foundation (the owner and major tenant of the Property), as the exclusive advisors for the foundation’s Western Canadian Real Estate in February 16th, 2016.

Initially, we assisted in Heart and Stroke Foundation’s board on the best use of their properties in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver. The decision of whether to relocate or to remain in occupancy post disposition was aided by both a preliminary space analysis and a comprehensive office market survey to identify the Foundation’s space needs. In Vancouver, the foundation offered prospective purchasers a short term lease back while securing the flexibility to relocate from the building which allowed the new owner to both secure financing and also be ideally positioned to benefit from the future potential uses of 1212 West Broadway.

We administered a comprehensive marketing campaign that emphasized the strength of the asset, as well as the future upside, and ensured a smooth and successful transaction on behalf of the Heart and Stoke Foundation. After a thorough due diligence process, the transaction was completed on February 28th, 2018.


Why the spotlight?

CBRE NIT Vancouver was pleased to work closely with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to help the charity realize and capitalize on the value of their real estate. The sale of 1212 West Broadway allowed this important national charity to free up capital for invaluable focused initiatives which impact the health of Canadians. We are also proud to confirm we have contributed a substantial portion of our commission back to the Foundation as our team strongly believe in this valuable cause, and continually strive to create an impact in the community in which we live.

If you wish to learn more and support this charity, please click here to find out more. If you wish to learn more about how our commercial real estate experts can help you realize the true value of your commercial real estate, please contact us via our online contact form.

2018 Commercial Real Estate Market Outlook – CBRE Research

February 27, 2018 / by Min Kang / Blog / 0 Comments

These are remarkable times. Canadian commercial real estate continues to set records, assert itself on the world stage and build momentum despite an extended, nine-year bull run and technological innovations that are shaping our physical and digital existence. This is the backdrop for CBRE’s 2018 Market Outlook; a year in which context might be as important as the facts and figures upon which forecasts are built.

The 2018 outlook for Canadian commercial property suggests that the market has the potential to defy traditional market cycles. The institutionalization of real estate, the diversification of the economy and changing technology have altered the rules of the game. Traditional market analysis would generally cast doubt on the chances of consecutive, all-time record investment volumes.
However, in this new paradigm, Canada has the potential to achieve this feat for a remarkable third consecutive year.

Download CBRE’s 2018 Canadian Market Outlook for insight into the trends shaping real estate in 10 Canadian cities. Get the information that tenants, landlords and investors require to navigate the changing office, industrial, retail, multifamily, land and hotel sectors.

We invite you to connect with our team to discuss with us your 2018 investment goals further and how we can help. If you are looking to purchase high quality commercial real estate assets, or to benefit from the current market conditions, please get contact our team via this online form.

National Investment Team – Vancouver: “Top Capital Markets Team in Canada – 2017”

February 19, 2018 / by Sophie Habgood / Blog / 0 Comments

CBRE’s National Investment Team – Vancouver are excited to announce they have received the ‘Top Capital Markets Team for CBRE Canada’ Award, recognizing their hard work and dedication throughout 2017.

The award is set up to promote cooperation, teamwork, collaboration, and results, and celebrates connectivity, as well as initiative, creativity, and performance.  Our award entry detailed examples of entrepreneurial leadership, market share growth and superior client outcomes, also taken in consideration by the Executive Management Committee when reviewing the entries, and we are thrilled for our team to be acknowledged for our success in these areas.

“We are very humbled to be recognized in this way in a company of so many talented teams” – Tony Quattrin, Vice Chairman of NIT-Vancouver.

We are delighted to win this award and we look forward to continuing this momentum, ambition and dedication for our clients in 2018!


CBRE CEO’s Remarks

The Top Capital Markets Team in Canada for 2017 is Jim Szabo and Tony Quattrin’s National Investment Team – Vancouver. In a year where this team literally ‘moved mountains’, through the sale of Grouse Mountain, they completed 30 highly significant transactions. This incredible amount of investment deals resulted in record revenue for the team. In a year of landmark deals, the team has dominated the market by transacting on over 95% of all institutional-grade product in Vancouver’s Downtown Peninsula. True market leadership.

The team has been focused on market leadership and collaboration, teaming up across all asset classes and geographies. The team wins the most significant listings in its market, and has raised the bar on conducting global marketing campaigns for high profile assets. Clients look to NIT Vancouver to maximize value and deliver exceptional solutions above their expectations.

This is a richly deserved recognition of a record-breaking and headline-grabbing year. Congratulations on your success and market share position.

Jim Szabo and Tony Quattrin: #2 Top Produceres Across Canada & Top 3% in All Americas

February 16, 2018 / by Sophie Habgood & Min Kang / Blog / 0 Comments

It is award season at CBRE, and we are delighted to share the recognitions our leaders have received for 2017!


CBRE Canada’s National Top 10 Awards 2017

The Vice Chairmen of the National Investment Team – Vancouver, Jim Szabo and Tony Quattrin, are recognized as the #2 top Canadian producers within CBRE’s National Top 10 Awards in 2017. They have consistently been in CBRE Canada’s top 10 producers for 26 years in a row.


CBRE 2017 Top Producers – All Americas

Our vice chairmen are also recognized as Top 3% (Colbert Coldwell Circle) producers of 2017 in all of the Americas.  Out of the 59 individuals who were recognized as Top 3% producers, only three were from Canada, including Jim and Tony.


2017 was the year of passion and perseverance, and we are delighted our leaders have received the national award and global recognition, building upon their many years of success at CBRE and in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.



“2017 was an absolutely exceptional year for CBRE Canada. Our people are the cornerstone of our business, and it’s because of your commitment and market leadership that our company again reached new heights. Without doubt, we have the most talented and hard-working professionals in the industry, and it’s a privilege to work alongside all of you. We honour the sales professionals and teams that have made a powerful impact on CBRE’s continued growth and our relentless pursuit of excellence. Congratulations, and thank you for all that you do each and every day.”


CBRE Global President’s Remarks

“Today we celebrate outstanding achievement in 2017 with the announcement of our top leasing, sales and debt & structured finance producers in the Americas. Please join me in congratulating all of these tremendous professionals, each of whom continues to set the highest standards for our industry.”


If you would like to meet with commercial real estate experts, Jim Szabo or Tony Quattrin to discuss your 2018 transaction needs, please contact us via this online contact form.

Our Marketing Process: Marketing Brochures

February 14, 2018 / by Min Kang / Blog / 0 Comments

When our listing property is ready to go out in the market, the first thing our marketing team prepares is a marketing brochure. Based on our key market positioning points, we create bespoke branded marketing brochures tailored to the unique aspects of the Property. Upon completion, we launch both an email and direct mail marketing campaign.


Why Print Marketing?

With the rapid evolution of digital marketing, print marketing is no longer the most preferred method of marketing – it’s been replaced by social media, SEO and email. However, print marketing still adds tremendous value and remains a major, very significant asset for our business due to the following reasons:


  1. Tangible marketing builds trust

Tangible marketing (such as our property brochures) give clients a concrete object to hold and feel which makes the experience more memorable. Furthermore, recent statistics show that customers still trust traditional marketing channels such as print, newspaper ads and magazine, far more than digital channels.


  1. Print is professionally polished, and ready to be presented

All our print marketing materials include professional and captivating photography, complimented by sophisticated storytelling of the Property, offering an array of polished information for potential investors. We like to use various finishes to our printing, to take our materials to the next level and offer a high quality, premium look. These prints are easy to keep on hand, and does not require internet – they are always ready to be delivered.


  1. “Old is the New New”

According to Why Print Marketing Still Matters as the digital age slows into its matured skin, we may just see print return as a special, unique form of marketing. People are growing tired of the digital age, especially for those who momentarily experienced life without internet. Hence, print marketing makes people feel valued and special.


Of course, we do not believe that print marketing is not the only effective type of marketing. In fact, we believe that the best marketing plan incorporates all aspects of marketing including both digital and print.  If you are interested in finding out how we can help market your commercial real estate transactions in British Columbia, please get in contact via this online form. As the front-line leader of the global commercial real estate industry, our marketing team will produce a captivating brochure with high quality visual representation of your property, in addition to our comprehensive property marketing videos and targeted email campaigns.