NIT-Vancouver 101: Trusted Investment Experts

July 7, 2018 / by Min Kang

We hope you’ve had some time to browse through our website to get to know us better! If not, this article is here to provide you with the main highlights of our team, and what this means to you.



The CBRE National Investment Team (NIT) –Vancouver is a highly qualified power house of 11 real estate professionals with a diverse set of complementary skills. The team consists of staff specializations in marketing, design, sales support, financial underwriting and analysis, and administrative management. Together we have an unrivalled level of real estate experience, and this experience along with our extensive capabilities, ensure the efficient facilitation of transactions and access to a wide network of investors. Working as a fully integrated national team with our CBRE counterparts across Canada, we combine consultative market perspectives with innovative investment strategies in order to deliver winning solutions. Our experiences and strengths span across all asset classes and major markets.

During the last two years alone we have held a commanding market share of the Metro Vancouver total investment market (approximately 61%*), illustrating our in-depth, market-leading knowledge of Metro Vancouver commercial real estate and our continued success in completing major transactions.


Tony Quattrin and Jim Szabo are the Vice Chairmen of Capital Markets for CBRE. Together they manage the National Investment Team – Vancouver. Combined, these business partners have over 70 years of experience in the investment real estate business, focusing on investment grade properties and major development sites across Western Canada. They are renowned for setting record milestones that are continuously recognized by the commercial real estate industry in Vancouver and across Canada.

Together they have over 70 years of combined experience and have achieved an average transaction values in excess of $1.5 billion annually, with over $6.0 billion in transaction value completed in 2016-2017 alone**, and they have both been a CBRE Vancouver top producer consistently for the past 25 years. Among of the most recent high-profile projects that Jim and Tony have led is the marketing and sale of the iconic Grouse Mountain and Bentall Centre Office Complex.

Why does this matter to YOU?


We are Trusted: We are the ‘go-to’ advisors for the Metro Vancouver commercial real estate market. No other team can provide our depth, experience, track record and market knowledge. We are able to provide you with the knowledge, and present you with the most comprehensive list of available current investment opportunities in the market.


Superior Team = Winning Result: When marketing your asset, we have access to the global reach offered by CBRE’s international network, which allows us to generate vast international interest. We will prepare sophisticated underwriting, compelling marketing materials and thorough due diligence support, delivered by dedicated real estate professionals working within their specialized disciplines.

We know more because we do more: We hold a commanding 61%* market share of the Metro Vancouver total investment market and have unrivalled years of experience facilitating investment transactions across all asset classes in Metro Vancouver. Whether transacting or advising, we are able to provide the highest quality service with extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge from our close proximity to so many deals.

We invite you to connect with us to discuss with us your 2018 investment goals further and how we can help. If you are looking to purchase high quality commercial real estate assets, or to benefit from the current market conditions, please get contact our team via this online form.