Our Marketing Process: Marketing Brochures

February 14, 2018 / by Min Kang

When our listing property is ready to go out in the market, the first thing our marketing team prepares is a marketing brochure. Based on our key market positioning points, we create bespoke branded marketing brochures tailored to the unique aspects of the Property. Upon completion, we launch both an email and direct mail marketing campaign.


Why Print Marketing?

With the rapid evolution of digital marketing, print marketing is no longer the most preferred method of marketing – it’s been replaced by social media, SEO and email. However, print marketing still adds tremendous value and remains a major, very significant asset for our business due to the following reasons:


  1. Tangible marketing builds trust

Tangible marketing (such as our property brochures) give clients a concrete object to hold and feel which makes the experience more memorable. Furthermore, recent statistics show that customers still trust traditional marketing channels such as print, newspaper ads and magazine, far more than digital channels.


  1. Print is professionally polished, and ready to be presented

All our print marketing materials include professional and captivating photography, complimented by sophisticated storytelling of the Property, offering an array of polished information for potential investors. We like to use various finishes to our printing, to take our materials to the next level and offer a high quality, premium look. These prints are easy to keep on hand, and does not require internet – they are always ready to be delivered.


  1. “Old is the New New”

According to Why Print Marketing Still Matters as the digital age slows into its matured skin, we may just see print return as a special, unique form of marketing. People are growing tired of the digital age, especially for those who momentarily experienced life without internet. Hence, print marketing makes people feel valued and special.


Of course, we do not believe that print marketing is not the only effective type of marketing. In fact, we believe that the best marketing plan incorporates all aspects of marketing including both digital and print.  If you are interested in finding out how we can help market your commercial real estate transactions in British Columbia, please get in contact via this online form. As the front-line leader of the global commercial real estate industry, our marketing team will produce a captivating brochure with high quality visual representation of your property, in addition to our comprehensive property marketing videos and targeted email campaigns.