Carter Kerzner: The Emerging Leader of 2018

February 9, 2018 / by Min Kang

Carter Kerzner, one of National Investment Team – Vancouver’s Senior Sales Associates, received the ‘Emerging Leader Award in Memory of Peter Gordon Crompton’. This award was given to four young CBRE sales professionals across Canada, and Carter was the only recipient from all of Western Canada.

​In memory of former CBRE employee Peter Crompton, this award identifies a young sales professional who demonstrates a strong team focus and commitment to the business. We are delighted Carter received this well-deserved award, and are always grateful of his hard work and contributions.

Congratulations Carter!


CBRE CEO’s Remarks

This award recognizes young sales professionals who are leaders within their markets and who embody the spirit of our late friend, Peter Gordon Crompton. These professionals are committed to innovation, have an inspirational zest for life and represent the best of the next generation. What gives me immense pride, and I’m sure Peter would have felt the same, is the outstanding nominations we received this year. This demonstrates the entrepreneurial strength across our younger generation at CBRE. We have the most dynamic group of emerging leaders across the entire industry. The future is bright!

Congratulations to the following winners.