$1 million milestone achieved for SportsCardiologyBC

January 18, 2018 / by Sophie Habgood

Jim Szabo, the vice chairman of CBRE National Investment Team together with friends Brian Kerzner and Hendrik Zessel embarked on a campaign in 2016 to raise awareness of Heart Disease in young and aging athletes supporting Dr. Saul Isserow’s new VGH & UBC Sport Cardiology Research Center at UBC. The Center needed funds for equipment and long term sustainability to do its research for the continued safe participation in exercise which will benefit all British Columbians. Jim was instrumental in assisting with raising over $1 million dollars for this worthy cause and continues to champion this initiative.

SportsCardiologyBC advocates for the continued safe participation in exercise within our society through collaborative efforts with well-established medical and athletic organizations. Physical activity offers many benefits; However underlying risk factors and undetected disease can increase the risk of heart attack during exercise. The SportsCardiologyBC clinic assists athletes young and old in staying active and ensuring continued safety while participating in sport and exercise.

The SportsCardiologyBC team has evaluated thousands of recreational, collegiate, provincial, national and professional level athletes across British Columbia. It aims to continue its research on aging athletes to determine how much exercise is good providing health benefits.

The team celebrated this achievement at CBRE’s Downtown Vancouver office, recognizing the fundraising milestone and efforts of supporting committee lead by Jim Szabo,  Brian Kerzner and  Hendrick Zessel , so that the foundation can continue to make great strides with its invaluable work.

Please click here if you would like to support this amazing cause.